Thursday, July 10, 2014

The rest of the retreat tags!

Hello sunshine!  

Are you ready to roll through Friday and into the weekend! I sure am!  I'm hoping to get out into the garden before the weather sets in again, and plant out some agaves and bromeliads that have been frowning at me for a couple of weeks that they want OUT of their pots and INTO the ground!

I have a couple of projects to share, which I hope to get online for you today.  So this is the first of 3 posts (I hope! I need to retake two photos when I get home!).  Do you remember the Some Odd Girl tag I made with Dancin' Mae? You can check her out here if you missed it.  Well I forgot to show you the others I made for our retreaters! Please excuse the very bad photo, it was taken late at night and then I gave them all away without thinking to take another one!  

I'm really happy how these came up, and I just love that they are so individual with just a change in shirt colour!


Stay tuned for a couple of layouts, or if you're getting off at this station, have a wonderful rest of the day!

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