Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baking - rainbow Berk birthday cake!

I was just looking through some photos on my phone and realised that I forgot to share our birthday cake endeavours of a few weeks ago!

We wanted something special, but not overly difficult.  The Boy wanted a How To Train Your Dragon cake (of course).  I paled (of course) and tried to talk him out of it (of course).  He was adamant, so we set about finding something super easy to do, but that would be fun :)

So we decided we would be One Messy Mamma + One Messy Boy and make a rainbow cake! 

We used 2 x 69c buttercake packets (because YES I'm that hopeless at baking!) and divided the mixture into six lots (3 from each packet). And added food colouring! (That's purple, not grey!)

Then The Boy helped spoon the different colours into the cake tin. Don't mind our very messy sideboard, it always looks like that... it's our "landing strip" LOL.

Doesn't it look... um... delicious?

Baked.  The bottom fell off it, but that's not unusual for me.  I just sat the cake on top of the bottom piece - I don't think anyone could tell - and pretended it didn't happen!

And started to decorate.  Those rocky mountain cliffs are upside down cupcakes.  The houses are Mars Pods on top of Cadbury Flake bites.  I just used a teaspoon dipped in boiling water to slightly melt the chocolate so they'd stick together.  Aren't they cute?

And ta-da! One Island of Berk cake!  Complete with blue jelly water... which melted in the heat but that just meant the boys had to eat it quicker!

And the inside worked beautifully.  The Boy was absolutely busting by the time we cut the cake to tell someone, anyone about the secret inside the cake and it was worth waiting to reveal the surprise!

 Next is my birthday, and I think I'm putting a request in for "any kind of cake, not made by me".  

You know, my usual order.

Until next time, 
Love, OMM xox

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