Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Recipe - Santa ice cream

Hi everyone! 

Long time no see.  Life has been absolutely insane these last few months, and I have been so busy just keeping afloat! I have been crafting - never fear - but I will save that post for after Christmas.  I do share a lot on the One Messy Mamma Facebook page too, so if you'd like to see more of what I get up to, check it out.
Today I'd like to share with you a Christmas tradition in our home - Santa ice cream.  We only make one batch, and only at Christmas, and Santa gets the first bowl on Christmas Eve.  Last year it was so hot that we left the ice cream in the freezer and put a note on the table with Santa's drink telling him to look in the freezer LOL!
So what is Santa ice cream? Why it's the bestest ice cream ever! Read on...
So basically you can use whatever you please in Santa ice cream.  Our favourites are maltesers, marshmallows and jelly lollies, but in other years we have used frozen raspberries and honeycomb. This year we used:
First chop up all the lollies.  I cut marshmallows and maltesers in half, jelly lollies into thirds (or more if bigger):

Then melt the ice cream slightly.  If you are using a brand new tub like I do, you'll need to take some out to make room for the filling.  The Boy and The Man are only too happy to help with that:


Next, mix the ice cream and lollies together in a big bowl.  If the ice cream is not soft enough, you'll get a bit of an arm workout.  If it's too soft, it will be like making a milkshake - in the middle is good.  You can see that my ice cream was melting faster than I could work!  Stupid hot tropical weather!

Next pour it all back into the tub.  You'll notice that even if you only took out 3-4 scoopfuls like I did that there isn't as much ice cream as you thought.  Normal! 
Then put it in the freezer.  I buried mine under some frozen meat to try and cool it quicker. 

And there it will stay until tomorrow night when we scoop some out for Santa to have with his Dr Pepper (yep, another tradition....not my thing, but Santa LOVES Dr Pepper, and funnily enough so does The Man ;)).

This is such a fun tradition in our home, and I hope that you enjoy making it as much as The Boy and I do, or eating it as much as we all do.  If you do make some, let me know what fillings you used!  Fruit and nuts? Mars bars? The possibilities are endless, and I'd love to hear what you come up with!

Merry Christmas to you from One Messy Household, and may your celebrations and the coming year be full of laughter.

OMM xox

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